What is GMB listing?

GMB listing are the link of your business on Google Maps and Google search. GMB listing can be created by Google My Business as well as Google Maps. GMB listing shows up at the top left corner of the screen when you view your business on Google My Business. GMB listings appear at the left hand side of the page when you view your business on Google Maps.

Creating a GMB listing

You can create your GMB listing by using Google My Business. Go to your business page and click on the My Business tab. Select the Create a listing on the right hand side menu. Provide a good description and make sure that the required information is selected. Give your listing a name and a category. Once you click Create listing your listing will be live on the web.

Optimizing your GMB listing

GMB listing needs to be optimized to drive more traffic to your business. You can find the optimal keyword list by using the link analysis tool. Go to the link analysis tool and select the option that shows the top ranked links. Look at the description and keyword phrase that have the most number of links pointing to it. These are usually referred to as the ‘keywords of relevance’. This analysis gives you the most relevant keywords to optimize your GMB listing.

Creating a Google + business page

Your Google + business page can be used for Google + business listings, Google map listings, listing your business on Google My Business and GMB. Creating a GMB business page is useful if you want to create your business as an independent business listing. You need to create a GMB listing separately.

To create a Google + business page you have to click on the business listing tab on the dashboard. Click on Create business page in the menu. You will be asked to confirm the business page with a good business name. If you have more than one business with the same name select the business whose listing is the main business page of your business. When you create a GMB listing you can select the ‘small business’ as the category from the drop down menu. Click the Create Business Page button.

Creating a GMB business page can be performed by finding the +business page on Google My Business. If you have an other listing go to the dashboard and click on the Add Business Page link. Enter the business name as the business page description and click the Create Business Page button. The GMB business page will be live once you click the Create Business Page button.

For this tutorial you will create a GMB business listing. The Google + business page will be your first business page.


Google + business pages can be considered as the first step to get your business listed on Google +. Create more GMB business page to improve your search engine results and submit a Google + business page to get your business ranked for your intended search term.