Marketers learn how to do competitor analysis SEO to keep up their rankings and make sure they remain competitive in their industry. Since everyone wants to be highly ranked, there is competition in almost every industry. This makes efficient and effective online marketing a constant battle. This is the reason why most companies invest hundreds of dollars per month in SEO services. The higher your rankings are on these services, the more income you can earn.

If you use a free service and arent experienced with its data, you wont be able to do good research and come to good conclusions. For instance, you can look at the top three results for your keywords, but it wont tell you anything about the validity of those rankings. This is because it doesnt use an organic search algorithm. The results are based on a paid service called Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is the most expensive form of advertising on the net. But if you are not savvy enough to know what you are doing, you might want to avoid using such expensive services.

Having a competition analysis is great in that you won’t be misled by false reports. You will know if a competitor is good or bad. This is an effective method that lets you get the best SEO for your money.

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